Meet the designer behind the brand. A love of fashion and design has been a part of her for as long as she can remember. One of her grandfathers founded a prestigious department store in the southeast, and her other grandfather was an artist. Their entrepreneurial spirits and eyes for design were big influences on Eileen as she grew up. After several years working in the fashion industry, Eileen decided it was time to fulfil her lifelong dream of launching her own jewelry collection.

Eileen Isle is a line of handmade jewelry inspired by the sea and the colorful culture of the islands. Traveling to beaches throughout different parts of the world has had a tremendous influence on the Eileen Isle line. From clear turquoise waters and hot pink bougainvillea, to schools of neon yellow fish and black sandy beaches, the beauty of the earth is endlessly inspiring. Celebrating that beauty is what Eileen Isle is all about.

Because the beauty of the islands is an invaluable gift, the least we can do is respect it. That’s why a portion of all Eileen Isle sales goes towards conservation efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A percentage of every purchase will be donated to the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park, so that together we can do a little something to give back to a place that has inspired us so much with its beauty