Beauty Crush: Bali Body


If there’s one item that has become a staple in our beauty bag, it’s Bali Body. This body oil is amazingly nourishing on your skin, but it also leaves you glowing and smells divine! There are quite a few products you can try, but our favorite is this trio of body/tanning oils – Cacao (our fave!), Gold, and Watermelon. They are made from plant-based ingredients, like coconut oil, grape seed, jojoba, vitamin E, almond, and cacao oil – just to name a few.


We recommend using these oils in combination with a sunscreen, because they do not protect your skin from harmful UV rays (Bali Body makes a sunscreen now, too! Click here to shop it).



We also love using Bali Body after being out in the sun – for instance, applying the oils at night and reaping all the moisturizing benefits while we sleep. Since this Australian product is made from 100% all natural ingredients and is good for your skin, it makes for a great nourishing body masque or a daily moisturizer. It will leave you with a healthy glow and soft, luminescent skin – making you look as if you’ve just spent a week on the beaches of Bali!


To shop all our favorite Bali Body products, click here.









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