Beach Hair

Nothing says carefree quite like salty, sexy, windswept beach hair.  Whether your hair is short or long, fine or thick, straight or curly, a little sand + salty sea spray + wind will give it incredible texture, added volume, and lots of shine. Unfortunately we can’t spend every day on the coast, so we have to rely on beauty products to help us recreate the look.

There is no product that will ever compare to actually being on the beach, but there are several that come close. As you can tell, the secret to perfect beach hair is: the messier, the better. It is supposed to look undone – after all, when you’re out in the wind and waves, you can’t expect your hair to be perfectly “styled.” It’s going to be messy and wild. That’s the beauty of it. So, the key to using these products is to apply them liberally, tussle your hair around, and just let it be. Don’t try too hard.


One of my favorite products is the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe spray. I love it because it’s lightweight, adds a great amount of texture to my super fine and stick-straight hair, and it smells AMAZING! I also love the Bumble + Bumble Surf Infusion for it’s unique combination of salt and oil. And finally, another of my favorites is the Fekkai Soliel Beach Waves Spray for it’s great hold, added shine, and fresh citrus scent. You can apply these products to damp or dry hair. I recommend applying to damp hair, letting it air dry, and then reapplying lightly once your hair is dry to achieve that beach-tousled look.

All these products (and more) can be found at most local drugstores, Target, or Ulta.

Are there any other beachy hair products you would recommend? I’m always looking for that “perfect” product, so I’d love to hear your recommendations!

All beach-hair images used are from Pinterest.


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