Beauty Crush: Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish

Just like every other girlie-girl out there, I love getting my nails done. But it can be expensive and time-consuming to keep up with salon visits on a regular basis, which has led me down the path of becoming a compulsive nail-polish shopper. I almost always buy a new nail color every time I walk past the beauty aisle in Target or any other drugstore. I’m a sucker for the bright hues and cheap prices. I’ve always been an Essie lover because I think they have the absolute best range of colors, but I’m not the best at painting my own nails and always end up chipping them the same day. Enter: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish.

When I first saw the Miracle Gel polish in the store, I was skeptical. A complete salon gel manicure in 1 bottle (no light required)? I figured it really wouldn’t work because I’ve tried the drugstore gel polishes and purchased the little light that goes with it – and had no luck. It was terrible! But I figured, why not give this a try (like I said, I’m a sucker for polishes). I had been searching for just the right shade of navy and Sally Hansen had it – so I picked it up, along with the clear top coat. I was really impressed with the results! It looks like a salon manicure, with very little work. I painted 2 coats of polish on my nails and topped it off with one layer of the clear top coat for extra measure, even though it’s not necessary. It definitely didn’t last 2 weeks like a gel manicure from the salon would, but it lasted several days before chipping (which was a vast improvement for me). I was hooked!



Recently, I stumbled across the perfect shade for spring. It’s called “Crème de la Crème,” and it’s a pearl color. It’s not quite white and it’s not quite blush. It has a hint of pearl shimmer, but it’s barely noticeable. It’s the perfect neutral and suitable for any occasion. Why I love it so much for spring is that it looks really fresh and clean. Even my husband complimented me on it – and he never notices things like nail polish!


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