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Home Away From Home

Just like everyone else, I dream of vacationing all the time. I love to plan out vacations to places all over the world – even if I might not ever actually go there. It’s a fun mental getaway for me. Just spending a few hours pouring myself into some exotic place far away and learning everything I possibly can about it opens my mind to different cultures and makes me realize how truly spectacular this world is!  I love to get a feel for the lay of the land, how I would fly there from Dallas, what attractions I would want to see, where the popular restaurants and best beaches are, etc…

My absolute favorite vacation website is Home Away. I’m obsessed! What I love about Home Away is that you can pick any place in the world you’d like to visit and find an affordable and cool place to stay that perfectly suits all your wants/needs!
My husband and I went with some of our family to St Thomas, USVI, last summer and we found an unbelievable house to rent on Home Away that had the most incredible infinity pool overlooking the sea, St. John and the BVIs. It was breathtaking in every way – and much better than staying in a hotel or at a resort. I mean, seriously… Look at that view!!
Take a mental vacay with me right now and check out some of my recent finds from around the world. It’s crazy how suddenly some of these places that seemed so unobtainable due to steep resort prices (I’m looking at you, Fiji!) can become affordable and accessible to people on all kinds of budgets – especially if you can bring along family or friends to share the cost!  Plus, think of all the money you’ll save by being able to cook-in a couple of nights during your stay (or whipping up a pitcher of your own piña coladas) instead of having to pay hefty tourist-gorged prices.

I just did a hypothetical search for the week of 8/1/15 – 8/8/15, and all of these awesome places are < $400/night!*  Now, if only those darn airfares would drop I’d be reaching for my passport and my (already packed!) bags.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands
HA - Tortola
Cape Town, South Africa
 HA - Cape Town
Byron Bay, Australia – check out this gorgeous home with ocean views + resort style pool + horses!
 HA - Byron Bay
Amalfi Coast, Italy
HA - Amalfi Coast
Cook Islands, Polynesia, South Pacific
HA - Cook Islands
 *Prices fluctuate and change depending on high/low season.
Have y’all used any of the other “home rental” sites, such as airbnb?  I’m curious to know what other good sites are out there.

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