Aussie Inspiration

I’m sure you’ve likely noticed the Australian bombshells popping up all over Instagram lately.  Now I can’t stop dreaming about salt air in my hair, bikinis and sandy toes.  There is something about the Aussies that I can’t quite put my finger on… Maybe it’s the way they always seem to have eternally bronzed skin and perfect, natural beach hair.  Maybe it’s the fact that there are so many drop dead gorgeous babes that come out of Australia, or the fact that they seem so confident, effortlessly stylish and glowing walking down those beaches with their surfboards. Whatever it is, I want to be it too.

Alas, I am not Australian and live nowhere close to the beach.  So, to stay inspired – and in anticipation of summer – I have rounded up a few of my favorite Aussie products, Instagrammers and places I dream about visiting.  If we can’t all be Australian, at least we can take some inspiration from them!
aussie1From top (L-R):
It’s Now Cool – online magazine
The Grounds of Alexandria – coffee house, restaurant, venue, flower market (photo by Paris in Four Months)
Hello Hair – conditioning hair mask
Natasha Oakley – co-founder of A Bikini A Day
Beach Hair by It’s Now Cool
Pure Tan gradual sunless tanner
Bondi Icebergs – beach, restaurant & swimming pool (photo by Paris in Four Months, linked above)
Jessica Stein – travel and style blogger behind Tuula Vintage

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