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Spring Break Getaway: Sanibel Island, FL

DSC_0653 DSC_0649 DSC_0642 DSC_0576

IMG_6612 IMG_6556 DSC_0696

IMG_6605 DSC_0641

IMG_6549 IMG_6544IMG_6519 DSC_0629 NMS_0668IMG_6492 IMG_6524 IMG_6536  IMG_6583 IMG_6632Sanibel Island is a picture perfect little island situated on the west coast of Florida, just off Ft. Myers + just north of Naples.  With perfect weather, manicured lawns and miles of white sandy beach, it lacks nothing.  Sanibel is a small-town island full of southern charm.  It’s family-friendly, with winding bike paths and plenty of ice cream shoppes.  There are great restaurants and ample boutiques along the main street, Periwinkle Way.

Don’t plan to do too much shopping, though, as the best part about Sanibel Island is riding bikes out for coffee in the morning, playing a match of tennis or taking a dip in the pool before spending the rest of the day soaking up the warm sunshine and enjoying Rum Runners on the beach.

Take a short drive north through Sanibel to Captiva Island, enjoy a delicious seafood dinner and catch the most amazing sunsets on the beach.

After sunset comes the best part: nightly beach walks.  The ocean comes alive in an entirely different way once the moon rises and the tide goes out.  Starfish, sand dollars, hermit crabs and conchs all come out of hiding – just waiting to be explored by little kids and big kids alike.  The reflection of a billion stars dance in silver streaks across the waves, a cool breeze blows in and something so peaceful overcomes everything.  One of the people I passed by on the beach said it best: “It’s impossible to see a place like this and not believe in God.”



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