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H + W’s Cures for Cabin Fever

It is currently “slushing” outside my window.  Not quite rain and not quite snow.  Yuck!  It’s always this time of year when Cabin Fever really starts to set in for me.  We’ve been cooped-up inside for far too long, the weather has been too cold for comfort, we’ve been wearing grey and black for what seems like ages and we’re all pretty much over it!  Well, I am at least.

Here in the southeast, we expect bright yellow buttercups and forsythia to start popping up all over town around this time of year.  Our red bud trees should be budding, and our pear blossom trees should be just about to burst into fragrant, white cloud-like blooms!  Alas, most of us are still suffering from the grip of winter.

Despite the cold weather and grey slush, we can still manage to brighten our spirits with a few of my favorite ways to combat Cabin Fever.


Get a bright + happy mani/pedi.  Some of my favorite Essie colors when I’m in the mood for cheerful hues are (clockwise from top): Turquoise & Caicos, Peach Daiquiri, Bikini So Teeny, Sandy Beach and Go Ginza.


Try a lively and colorful new lipstick, like this Coral Shimmer by Estee Lauder.


Light a fresh-scented candle.  I adore this “Charleston” candle by Archipelago – it’s so fragrant, clean and calming.


Cheer up that winter sweater with a colorful statement necklace.  Charming Charlie’s is my go-to for bright, fun necklaces.


Pick up a few fresh blooms and place them around your home.


Lather up with some beachy-scented products.  I love this nourishing coconut milk serum from ogx.  It smells amazing and works to give you silky soft strands.  Rub a small amount of this serum on your fingertips, run your fingers through your hair and comb to more evenly distribute it.  This, along with a sea salt spray, is a perfect way for a land-locked gal to achieve those beachy waves.  If your stuck inside in the freezing cold, at least you can look & smell like you’ve just come home from a tropical vacay!


Mix up happy hour with a light & fresh grown-up lemonade.  Fill a glass with ice, add 1 oz. silver tequila, fill 2/3 of the glass with Fresca and top it off with lemonade (I used Crystal Light lemonade) for a light & refreshing cocktail.  You could also use vodka or rum in place of the tequila and it’s just as tasty.  Cheers!

What are some of the ways you combat Cabin Fever?  I’d love to know!


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